Hello & Welcome,

My mother, following in the footsteps of my grandmother, has established the title of an exceptional cook from her teenage years. Therefore, spending most of my childhood alongside her as sous-chef, I was destined to pick up a handful of skills along with a bucket full of love for cooking and hosting. I cooked my very first meal at the age of 12 with no adult supervision and it was a complete success. I spent the first 12 years of my life in Iran and after my families move to the UK it was my mums authentic recipes from the northern region of Iran, The Caspian Sea that helped us stay connected to our loved ones. That is precisely why the recipes I share are inspired by the people, cultures and places beloved to me.

In recent years I started to photograph and share my recipes with my friends and family. Very quickly both the number of you guys and my love for sharing my family recipes grew. When I made this website I called it my own diary, my mini version of a cookbook and I expected the only visitor to be my ever supportive loving mother! Yet I am overwhelmed everyday with the number of visitors that pass by. So thank you for trying out my recipes and I hope that you love them enough to stick around.