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When it comes to sweet things, I can openly and honestly say I absolutely love them, especially when it comes to Turkish homemade sweets! This Classic Turkish Walnut Baklava recipe is a classic in our family, it’s absolutely foolproof and if you follow the steps, I am so sure not only will you love the results, but it will definitely be a proud masterpiece to show off in front of friends and family.
I love loaded hummus! I tried to change it up with this recipe and we have Loaded Hummus with Grilled Halloumi. Honestly, it’s a dish to die for and clearly 7.8 Million of you agreed with me! This recipe went viral faster than a blink, it even had celebrities talking about it.
Here’s a big lesson that I’ve learned regarding food… To stop being so picky! That, what you don’t eat today will probably become a future favourite and that’s because our taste buds change all the time. So it finally makes sense why while the child me hated Shepherds pie the adult me adores it! Now tell me what did the child you hate that the adult you loves?

Welcome To Peanutswirls

I’m Nelly, the recipes I share here are inspired by the people, cultures and places beloved to me. Peanutswirls represents my love for food, cooking and hosting. I hope to share with you a taste of the Middle East influnced by my upbringing in the West.

I can’t wait to see what we cook together.

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